2015-01-20 --- Orlando CFS Moving Notice
The new location will be in operation on February 16, 2015

EcuAmerica – Orlando Fcaility
Firm Code:  M784
851 Gills Drive, Suite 900
Orlando, FL 32824
TEL: (407)855-7700
FAX: (407)855-3353
CTC: Jeff Hamilton / Liann Watson
E-MAIL:   Jeff@ecucargoservices.com

2014-07-18 --- Brownsville CFS Change
All shipments Depart from Imperial CFS to Brownsville, TX on or after July 28, 2014 will be received by the new CFS station:

Transmaritime Inc
Firm Code: T588
4636 Towerwood Drive
Brownsville, TX 78521
TEL: (956)832-0773
FAX: (956)832-0838
CTC: Rosie Martinez /Israel Gonzalez
E-MAIL: ltltrfbro@transmaritime.com